Welcome to a new employee data ecosystem driven by blockchain technology

The Job Market is Broken

of job seekers are unhappy with the job search process
on average is spent on the hiring process
of candidates are not a good long-term fit

The Solution

Caerus Connections is revolutionizing recruitment using blockchain technology

We are connecting employers and job seekers in an efficient, streamlined and transparent environment

Better Career Matches

  • Efficient, cost-effective platform for recruiting high quality talent
  • Employer-candidate matches driven by proven hiring assessments
  • More complete candidate profiles that go beyond traditional resumes

A Comprehensive Career Portfolio

  • All verifiable employer data in one secure place
  • Flexible platform and APIs to integrate resume materials, including soft skills and referrals
  • Active and passive job-seeking capabilities to access new career opportunities

Confidential and Decentralized

  • Blockchain technology creates completely confidential system for employees and employers
  • Decentralized platform frees job seekers and companies from traditional career sites
  • Caerus technology permits secure collection, storage and use of large volumes of data


  • Blockchain ecosystem promotes transparency throughout the recruitment process
  • Advanced, multi-faceted search capabilities for both employers and job seekers
  • Better workplace culture from the start with P2P relationship for company and candidate

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