Why Your Job Search With Caerus Connections Is Better

Highly Confidential

  • Confidentiality is maintained throughout your job search process; your current employer won’t  know you’re looking.
  • Recruiters and employers can be alerted of your interest without jeopardizing your current job.
  • As the job-seeker, you are in control. You choose when you want to reveal your identity to prospective employers.

Improved Career Matches

  • Our career motivator quiz will provide your workplace drivers so that you can better market yourself.
  • You can build a more complete picture of your experience and qualifications.
  • Each career search involves more accurate and detailed information to connect you with the right career.

Industry-Leading Platform

  • The Caerus platform accelerates the hiring process since completed profiles give employers the most critical information needed to make an informed initial decision.
  • Your profile includes your career motivators which presents a more complete picture of your motivations to recruiters and employers.
  • The Caerus platform provides complete transparency; you’ll always know where you stand in the hiring process.

Why Blockchain?

Four Easy Steps To Get Started

Step 1 – create an account

Step 2 – fill out your job-seeker profile

Step 3 – start looking for your new perfect job match!

Step 4 – buy tokens to access upgraded features

Recruiters: Let Us Help You Find The Best People

Caerus Connections has developed an optimum platform built on blockchain technology. We can help you reach, connect with, and hire the very best people.