Caerus Connections is utility token platform, which means you get access to a verifiable employment history network.

A total of 73,000,000 Caerus Token will be created for the Caerus network. During the token event, 17,000,000 million tokens are available for purchase, which provides an initial development fund and creates a distribution network among Caerus users.

Why Join the Caerus TGE?

Caerus Connections is revolutionizing the job market by creating a system where job seekers and companies alike utilize the platform within the token environment – be a part of the system with an easy subscription model:

Token Distribution

  • Bounty
  • Retail Sale
  • Foundation
  • Recruitment
  • Launch Partners
  • Founders
  • TGE

Public Sale

17,000,000 tokens will be offered as part of the Token Generation Event. These tokens will initially be offered at a discounted rate to incentivize early adopters to the Caerus Connections™ platform (see details in TGE Pricing section below).

Soft Cap – 5,000 ETH

Hard Cap – 25,000 ETH

TGE Pricing


The pre-TGE phase includes 13 million Caerus Tokens and will run until June 29, 2018. Tokens sold during this period will include a 20 percent bonus.

On June 30, 2018, an additional 4 million Caerus Tokens will become available at a flat rate of 0.0024 ETH per Caerus Token. The main TGE will be active until July 15, 2018 or until all available tokens are sold.

Any remaining unsold tokens will be allocated into the retail supply of Caerus Connections™. These tokens will be available for purchase, at retail rates, on the Caerus Connections™ website.

Marketing and Promotion: July 15, 2018
Retail Tokens

After the TGE is complete, 30,000,000 tokens will be available on the Caerus Connections™ Website at a retail rate that is comparable with other premium job boards in the recruitment space. Enterprise level pricing may be made available to organizations willing to make systematic commitments to using the Caerus Connections™ platform.
Beta Release: July 2018
Full Market Launch: October, 2018
Caerus Connections™ Foundation