Creating the new standard for recruiting and job seeking

The Job Market is Broken

of job seekers are unhappy with the job search process
on average is spent on the hiring process
of candidates are not a good long-term fit

The Solution

Caerus Connections is revolutionizing recruitment using blockchain technology

Designed by HR expert and advanced blockchain engineers, the Caerus platform creates the new standard for job and recruiter sites.

Job seekers find better career matches in an easier, confidential job search process. Recruiters save time and money more directly finding the right talent for their company.

Market Landscape

The recruiting industry is ready for a time- and money-saving revolution.

In the United States alone, the current recruitment landscape looks like this:

Our Vision

The future relies on the blockchain

Blockchain technology is the future of data-driven economies. In the recruiting industry, it not only provides more options for the users than traditional centralized platforms, such as a decentralized structure that enables both the recruiter and job seeker more control over their data, but it also provides new levels of privacy and security against system breaches. In our ever-evolving, data-driven world, the future relies more intently each day on technology that can meet the demands around data storage, security, and privacy. This is why so many major companies, such as J.P. Morgan, Google, and others are heavily investing in the technology.


Couple this technology with the advanced career-matching science developed by our founders, and you’re looking at the future of hiring.

Years ahead of the competition

Invest in the future of hiring