Career Driver Compass Assessment – A unique and powerful feature of Caerus Connections™ is the inclusion of the Career Driver Compass, an established and psychometrically-valid, online assessment that measures the workplace motivators of individual job candidates. Caerus Connections is the only recruitment site to offer this level of information, transparency, value, and return to both job candidates and hiring companies.
Direct Access to Candidates – Caerus Connections is the first decentralized application (dapp) created from data gathered through the Career Driver Compass assessment platform. It is designed to eliminate the middleman from the hiring and recruiting space, giving companies direct access to qualified candidates and delivering a better forum for job seekers and employers to connect worldwide.
Transparency & Accuracy – A decentralized platform means that job seekers and companies aren’t beholden to traditional career site paradigms and can expect superior results when using Caerus Connections™. Through person-to-person (P2P) job seeker and company relationship companies gain efficiency by filtering out undesirable candidates via easily verified criteria.

The Result

A faster, more accurate hiring decision that saves both the candidate and the employer considerable time and money.

Career Driver Compass

Unique in the online job site market, our Career Driver Compass quiz enables job seekers to find what motivates them in the workplace. Used by Fortune 500 companies, this personal assessment quiz has been proven to reveal an employee’s true workstyle preferences. These insights create better job matches for candidates and give recruiters more complete candidate profiles. Better job fits mean happier employees who stay with the company, reducing turnover costs and lost recruiter hours.

Individual Dashboards

Assessment results are stored in individual dashboards to help candidates better market themselves. Along with their workplace drivers, career history and employment objectives, job seekers also have access to the status of their resume. This gives candidates a clearer view of the process and more control and satisfaction in their job seeking journey.

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Our team brings together years of experience in the field of career hiring sciences and blockchain technology.

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