The Blockchain Recruitment Platform

Caerus Connections is creating an extensive and searchable candidate database of verifiable employee information. Now, companies can target and directly contact qualified candidates, without RPOs, expensive advertising, or the existing, limited job platforms.

More Complete Search

  • Faceted search based on geographic, demographic, skills, work-styles and reference data
  • Continually growing database of verified talent
  • Searchable social media profile information

A Better Referral System

  • Verified reference for job seekers, searchable by company recruiters
  • Transparency via blockchain stored employment reference information

Blockchain Enabled Data Security

  • Unique, two-part encryption key/identifier for all Caerus Candidate Profiles
  • End-to-end encrypted internal messaging system (using PGP key)
  • Ability to run background checks and all information stored on the Blockchain backend

consider their job search experience as poor
on average is spent on the hiring process
of candidates are not a good long-term fit

Welcome to a new hiring ecosystem driven by blockchain technology