Leveraging a Robust Employee Data Ecosystem

Caerus Connections is creating its own blockchain-based ecosystem to store employee data. This decentralized network will be the foundation of our revolutionary recruitment platform that will provide a simpler, more efficient, and verified experience for both job seekers and the recruiters. This ecosystem will eventually be available for research purposes to progress future algorithms and AI applications.

Data Collection – At its core, Caerus Connections employs a decentralized network to securely and confidentially gathers and stores large volumes of data. The Personal Driver Compass has processed more than 2,500,000 data points, and its insights make up the foundation of our recruitment platform.
Recruitment Platform – Caerus Connections is the first decentralized application (dapp) created from this data set, and it is designed to remove the middleman from the hiring and recruiting space, delivering a better forum for job seekers and employers to connect worldwide.
Algorithm Base – Caerus Connections will democratize and provide data access with trusted third-party dapp builders, enabling them to plug into the architecture and use the information to support their business goals.
Artificial Intelligence – The Caerus Connections data set can also be used, in partnership with 3rd party developers, for future AI projects.